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Frequently Asked Questions


I live in the European Union. Why can't I download a book I bought?
We do not charge VAT on our purchases. Because of this, all customers in the European Union cannot automatically download e-books from our site. When you buy an e-book, the files will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. If you do not receive an email from admin@jms-books.com, please check your spam or junk mail folder first, then send us an email.

I live in the EU and lost an e-book I previously purchased in a hard drive crash. HELP!
Contact us with the title of the book and the e-mail address you used to purchase it. We will look up your order and send you a replacement file within 24 hours.


How do I choose which e-book format I want?
When you buy an e-book, you will receive a ZIP file containing 4 files: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and HTML. You can create your own PRC file by changing the extension of the MOBI file to PRC. We do not offer individual formats for purchase any longer.

I ordered a book and can't find it now. Where did it go?
Log into your account and go to the My Account page. Click on your order and you will see the links to download your book files.

What payment options do you offer?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, as well as PayPal.

Firefox says my login isn't secure. Can I still use your site?
Yes, you can. But with the updated version of Firefox, you get a warning the connection isn't secure. You'll see this whenever you try to log into any site that doesn't start with https. Because we don't store sensitive payment information on our site, we do not use https. During checkout, you are taken to a SECURE SITE where you can enter your payment information. Logging into our site will not compromise financial information, which is protected by PayPal and First Data (for credit cards).


I ordered a book from the COMING SOON page and don't see a download link. Why not?
Pre-order e-books are not available for download until the date of release. When the e-book appears on the NEW RELEASES section of the front page, log into your account and go to My Account. Click on your order and you will be able to download the book then.

I live in the European Union. Can I still pre-order e-books?
Yes. All pre-ordered e-books for customers in the European Union will be e-mailed on the Sunday when the e-books are released.


As of January 1, new e-books are available in 4 formats: EPUB, MOBI, PRC, and ZIP. The ZIP file contains all formats plus HTML. We will eventually update all e-books to include individual files in addition to the ZIP file.

How do I open a book on my Kindle or Fire tablet?
Purchase the MOBI file. If you purchase the book your Kindle or tablet, it will open automatically.If you download it to your computer, send the file to your Kindle e-mail address, or use Amazon's Send to Kindle app, to transfer the file wirelessly to your device.

How do I get a book on my iPad or iPhone?
Purchase the EPUB file and open it on your device. It will open in the iBookstore app. If you download the ZIP file, you must install an app such as iZip to unzip the file first, then extract the EPUB.

How do I get a book on my Nook?
Purchase the EPUB file, then connect your Nook to your computer via USB and transfer it that way.

How do I get a book on my Android tablet or smartphone?
Purchase the EPUB file and open it on your device. You must have an e-book reader app installed to read the book. If you download the ZIP file, you must install an app such as WinZip to unzip the file first, then extract the EPUB.


Who do I contact about problems with my account?
Send a message to admin@jms-books.com and tell me exactly what the issue is (including any specific error messages you receive, and include screen shots if possible), and I will address the problem promptly.

If I buy a book or win a free one and don't like it, can I return it or get a different one instead?
No, sorry.

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