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Heat Wave: Southport

Heat Wave: Southport
By La Toya Hankins

ISBN: 9781611528220


30 reward points

GENRE: Lesbian Interracial Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 12,795 words
RATING: flame rating 4

When Zora comes to visit her childhood hometown for the Fourth of July, she expects to be helping with the family business, greeting old neighbors and friends, and carefully avoiding the topic of her sexuality. But then Zora's old mentor introduces Zora to her granddaughter Sarah, a blast from Zora's past, now grown into a leggy brunette who remembers Zora more than fondly.

As the two women reconnect over old memories, sweet treats, and tales of the intervening years since they'd last met, Zora begins to suspect the attraction she feels for Sarah might be returned. The sparks flying between them ignite into fireworks celebrating their independence from sexual solitude when they explore a new way to use the town library.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    “It started during rush. She was one of the big sisters assigned to me during the process to help me get acclimated to the organization and to college,” Sarah said, sipping her beer while looking at Zora. “I can’t remember exactly what led up to us sleeping together, but I remember what split us up. It was a mixer with another sorority, and I caught her fingering one of the girls on the back porch. I’m ashamed to admit I made a scene and there was some talk on campus for a few weeks. I got so tired of girls and guys looking at me some kind of way so I convinced my mom and Grand I had seen the light about going to ECU and I transferred. It really helped they had one of the best speech language programs in the state, so I guess it worked out all right.”

    “Wow, so you were into girls back then. You’re not the first one,” Zora said. “I had some girl flings in college too.”

    “So you left that behind when you graduated?” Sarah asked, draining her beer. “I didn’t.”

    Zora paused, then answered the question with a kiss. She knew she was taking a risk, but it seemed the afternoon had been leading up to it. Zora’s assumption was confirmed when Sarah returned the kiss passionately. The malty flavor of beer mixed with the sweet taste of Sarah’s lip balm caused Zora to feel weak. Zora felt a passion emitting from Sarah, a force she hadn’t experienced from those jaded girls in her hometown who wore their lesbian identity loosely, like oversized clothes. Sarah telegraphed her raw desire through her lips. Using her hands, she entwined her fingers in Zora’s locks, pulling her close. Zora felt an electric current gathering strength at the top of her neck and transmitting unmistakable stimulation all over body. Just when Zora felt she would pass out from Sarah’s kisses, she switched up the flow and began gently biting Zora’s lip. It was a mix of pain and pleasure.

    “Oh Zora,” Sarah whispered in between celebrating Zora’s mouth by adorning it with full and committed kisses. Overwhelmed, Zora began reclining backwards. Sarah leaned into her, never separating her lips from Zora. Usually Zora would be the one on top during the initial making out sessions. Zora didn’t assign any particular role for her type of lesbian identity. Her view of sexual gratification was it was good to give and receive but typically she like to play the Santa Claus role. This time however, it was good letting go because she felt she could trust Sarah. Even though the two had really just met, it was just something about Sarah that allowed Zora to relax. The situation she was in already was unusual, no need to add her control issues to it. She knew making out with her mentor’s granddaughter wasn’t what she should be doing. She should be in her car heading back to Charlotte after performing her duty as a daughter. Instead, she was fighting the desire to pull her shirt overhead and let Sarah put those tasty lips somewhere else.

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This book was published on August 09, 2015.