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The Invisible Gay

The Invisible Gay
By Elliot Arthur Cross

ISBN: 9781611525182


40 reward points

GENRE: Gay Sci-Fi Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 23,009 words
RATING: flame rating 4

When Kegan Kemp moves into his new dorm room at Prescott University, he’s planning on starting an exciting new life full of fun and adventure. After one day, though, he realizes he only left the dramas of high school for the dramas of college. He’s rooming with the attractive, mostly straight Evan, who has boundary issues, and is smitten by Randall, an upperclassman who seems more interested in just being friends than something more.

Griffin Herbert is a brilliant young science student from a broken home. He moves into the same dormitory as Kegan, who is his new lab partner. While Griffin plans on peaceful studying, he finds himself smitten by his ruggedly good-looking roommate. A winner of several science competitions, Griffin is picked out in chemistry class to work on a special project.

While Kegan works on moving out of the Friend Zone with Randall, Griffin grows obsessed with his research. Once he discovers the correct chemical process to reverse the polarity of light, Griffin injects himself with his serum, effectively turning himself invisible to the naked eye.

Prescott University is plunged into terror as the voyeuristic invisible man slowly deteriorates into madness and seeks revenge on those he believes have wronged him. Kegan’s burgeoning friendship with Randall is put in jeopardy with Griffin running loose, campus security goes on lockdown, and paranoia sets in. Can Kegan manage to win Randall’s heart while simultaneously struggling against an invisible genius driven mad by his own creation, or will Griffin prove unstoppable?

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    Kegan couldn’t help but feel optimistic as he surveyed the sea of eager freshmen along the quad. His eyes roamed along the potential new friends, until he spotted a simple booth manned with only one very handsome student. Kegan made a beeline to check him out.

    “Hi,” Kegan said once he reached the sad-looking booth with no decorations. “Is this the Buddhist Club?”

    The joke worked and the guy cracked a wide grin. “Not quite. We’re the mini-golf club. The president’s running late, so I came down to man the station until he gets here.”


    “You play?”

    “Mini-golf?” Kegan asked. The stranger nodded. “A few times. It’s all right.”

    “A rousing recommendation. I’m Randall, the VP, by the way.”

    “I’m Kegan.” He leaned on the table lightly and enjoyed the close-up view of Randall. He looked solidly built, wore casual shorts, and had a full head of wavy brown hair. The only questions left were was Randall gay, and was he single. “And I’m interested. Tell me more.”

    “Well, we’re a relatively new club, and we take a shuttle every now and then and play mini-golf at different courses. There’s lots of pizza, music, and partying involved. And beer.” He winked and Kegan felt his legs wobble.

    Please, God, let this one be gay.

    “You sold me at pizza,” Kegan said, trying not to be too obvious about his interest. If the guy was straight, he didn’t want to creep him out. Even if he didn’t get laid out of the deal, the mini-golf club didn’t sound half bad, either.

    “Great, just write down your email and you’ll be hearing from me soon.”

    Kegan ignored the butterflies in his stomach and went for it. “I hope so.”

    But someone had approached with golf clubs and a banner and said over him, “Hey, how you making out here?”

    Randall turned his attention from Kegan and replied, making the freshman feel less than important. He wrote his email and made a hasty retreat while Randall and the other guy set up the booth.

    The rest of the day consisted of finalizing his class schedule and watching a movie in one of the recreation halls complete with buttered popcorn. Kegan chatted with a few people he’d met from orientation and was starting to feel comfortable on campus. Evan even appeared in their room and chatted with him while he finished organizing and they watched TV. Kegan wanted to ask him where he’d slept the night before, but he didn’t want to come off as nosey.

    Kegan couldn’t tell what he enjoyed more, the lively conversation, or the fact that Evan was only wearing plaid wool pajama pants. His chest was smooth and his waist tapered down with a nice V line that disappeared under the rim of his boxers.

    As nice as Evan looked shirtless, Kegan started to feel a little guilty, or like a perv, when he noticed his new friend scratch his crotch while they chatted. He figured the sooner he came out to him the smoother it would go, although it was never easy.

    “Which clubs did you sign up for?” Kegan asked, trying to work it into the conversation.

    “All of them,” Evan said with a chuckle. “Why discriminate, you know?”

    “You’re really into celebrating your African American heritage, huh?” Kegan asked his white roommate.

    “Black girls are hot. What’d you sign up for?”

    “Uh, let’s see, cooking, mini-golf, the gay/straight alliance ...”



    “So are you gay or something?” There was no judgment in his voice, but neither was their compassion. Kegan wished he’d waited to come out to him after knowing him longer. The last thing he needed to deal with was a homophobic roommate.


    “That’s cool, man. I only date girls, but I can see the appeal of having another guy suck on your knob, you know?” Evan grabbed himself obscenely and Kegan couldn’t help but blush.

    “That is always a good time,” Kegan admitted. He momentarily pictured himself on his knees in front of Evan but pushed the image away.

    “Well, man, I gotta hit the sack. My first class is mad early tomorrow,” Evan said.

    “Yeah, I should, too,” Evan said.

    Kegan clicked the TV off and slipped into his bed. Evan shut the lights off a few minutes later, and the room felt unnaturally silent for a few minutes.

    Thwap, thwap, thwap.

    Kegan was just starting to reflect on how cool college life was getting when the stillness was broken and he felt incredibly awkward. Through the limited light coming in through the windows, Kegan saw the outline of Evan’s bed and the rapid vibrations.

    The steady rhythm of Evan masturbating continued for several minutes. Kegan couldn’t help but picture the handsome body under the sheets. He wondered what Evan looked like naked and if he’d ever get to see. Had he been honest about enjoying blow jobs from guys, or was he just fooling around?

    “Oh.” Evan’s breathing grew shallow and his voice husky.

    Does he think I’m asleep? He must. Doesn’t he realize how horrified I am right now?

    Kegan squeezed his eyes shut and tried to force himself to sleep, but the minutes ticked by until Evan came with a guttural moan. Kegan froze, too nervous to jerk off or do anything except pretend he was asleep. He didn’t doze off until he heard Evan’s light breathing signify that he had fallen asleep.

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This book was published on July 01, 2010.