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Turbulent Strangers

Turbulent Strangers
By Elliot Arthur Cross

ISBN: 9781611529791


20 reward points

GENRE: Gay Thriller
LENGTH: 11,979 words
RATING: flame rating 2

Winston St. Paul is a middle-aged professional photographer. When he was in his twenties, he started sleeping with the male models he shot in their underwear. While Winston has gotten older, the models certainly haven't. His friends used to be impressed and call him a stud, but now they think he's just sad and desperate, and Winston is starting to agree with them.

After his latest model boyfriend left him for a younger man, Winston did nothing but mope in his apartment and stare at photos of past failed relationships. Winston planned on skipping a friend's wedding in New England until he was guilt-tripped into it, but a torrential storm grounded his plane. Stranded in the south, Winston is forced to rent a car to make it to the wedding on time.

When Winston stops for gas, he meets Erik, a hitchhiker who is exactly the type of guy he knows he shouldn't chase after. A good-looking young man without any responsibilities in need of help, Erik is hoping for a ride, and Winston is surprised to find they have the same destination.

But as these two strangers leave together, they are completely unaware of the dangerous chain reaction they have set off.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    Winston tapped the pine tree hanging from the rear view mirror, hoping it would help to overpower the stale scent in the rented car, a blue four door with pale mustard interior. The storm eased some as Winston drove north into Maryland.

    The gas tank near empty, Winston pulled off the highway and headed toward a blue gasoline sign. The night had grown dark and cold as the constant drizzle beat against the side road Winston turned down. The gas station was closed, but the fuel stations lit up.

    Once the rental car was parked and turned off, Winston pulled the collar of his coat up and stepped out of the car. After swiping his debit card in the card reader, Winston punched in his PIN and waited for the transaction to go through. He unscrewed his gas cap and stuck the nozzle inside the car.

    Just as Winston started pumping gas, a friendly sounding voice called out, “Hi, there, mister!” Winston jumped, certain he was alone.

    Looking around, his body tensing, Winston spotted a wet man in his early twenties sitting on the curb in front of the dark store in a rare dry spot. He rested a hand on a red luggage bag.

    Winston chewed on the side of his lip and wished the gas would hurry up. “Hi,” Winston replied with a terse nod.

    “Didn't mean to scare you,” the young man said with a slightly Southern accent.

    “It's all right.”

    “My name's Erik.” The stranger stood up agilely and parted the long yellow hair matted against his forehead. He walked casually and held his hands out in front of him. “Sorry to bother you.” He flashed a toothy grin.

    “No problem,” Winston said. He watched the meter continue, numbers flashing by, and decided that was enough gas. His eyes flickered back to Erik and he realized how cute the stranger was.

    “You going north by any chance?” Erik shook his body like an adorable puppy, spraying water against the side of Winston's car and the concrete below.

    “Might be,” Winston said, easing his finger on the gas pump. “Where you headed?”

    Erik took another step forward and grinned shyly. “A friend offered me a job for the summer in Massachusetts.”

    Winston kicked himself for even asking. Of course the hitchhiker was going to the same state as him. And of course he was exactly Winston's type -- young and wrong for him.

    “Where in Mass?” Winston asked. He replaced the nozzle in the pump and felt himself relax somewhat.

    “If I tell you, you might not want to give me a ride.” Erik shuffled his feet and blushed lightly.

    “Try me.” Winston screwed the gas cap back on and took the receipt from the pump. He figured the young man had ten seconds to change his mind.

    “Provincetown,” he said. “You know it?”

    “Jesus,” Winston said with a sigh.

    “You got a problem with gays?” Erik asked with a frown.

    “Yeah, I been dumped by about twenty of them,” Winston said, grinning.

    Erik looked shocked. “I didn't -- cool.”

    “That's all your luggage?” Winston asked, gesturing toward the red bag by the store.

    “Yeah, meager belongings, meager worries.” Erik chuckled. “You don't mind driving me some of the way up north?”

    “I'll take you the whole way. A friend of mine is getting married in P Town tomorrow,” Winston said. “Grab your stuff.”

    “Sweet!” Erik jogged back to the store and retrieved his baggage.

    Winston opened the trunk and shuffled his two bags to the side to make room. He watched Erik hurry back and thought about the water damaging the passenger's seat. He opened one of his bags and took out a gray cotton undershirt.

    “You want to put this on, to dry off in?” Winston asked. “I don't want the rental company to charge a dry cleaning fee.”

    “Thanks.” Erik tossed his bag in the trunk and peeled off his shirt. Winston couldn't help but soak in the young stud's toned body. Yellow hair covered the center of his chest leading down to his tight jeans. The thought of him wearing one of Winston's shirts turned him on, so Winston had to suck in a breath and focus on not obsessing as Erik slipped into it.

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This book was published on July 01, 2010.