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Shell Shocked

Shell Shocked
By Jessica Payseur

ISBN: 9781634860383


60 reward points

GENRE: Gay Interracial Mystery Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 60,913 words
RATING: flame rating 4

When Dominic agrees to join his boyfriend Alec and his kids for a weekend away at the annual Eggstravaganza in Mount Angus, Wisconsin, he’s expecting a boring, if kitschy, experience. He isn’t expecting to discover Alec is cheating on him, and he certainly isn’t expecting an exploding cow to drop him in the middle of a deadly mystery.

Suddenly single and surrounded by a town’s worth of suspects, Dom finds himself oddly drawn to playing the sleuth, especially if it will get him closer to Kiko, the owner of the niche shop Yolks on You.

Together the two men navigate a web of intrigue and lies, and the sniping of a jealous Alec, in a town filled with murder and Easter-themed mayhem. Will they manage to make it through the Eggstravaganza alive, or will the murderer leave them much more than just Shell Shocked?

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    “I think I should thank you,” said Kiko, rubbing his damp mouth. He reached into his coat pocket for a plastic baggie, which he extended to Dom with the explanation, “For the condom. But I’ve been wanting to do that to you for too long now.”

    “Like a day,” said Dom, peeling off the condom and sealing it in the baggie. As he bent to pull up his pants Kiko laughed.

    “Oh, at least two.” And now he was stiff as that tree Dom was leaning against. “You mind if I slip off and take care of something?”

    “The only place you’re going is back to the truck,” said Dom, straightening his jacket. “You’re driving me to your house.”

    As much as that excited Kiko, he wasn’t sure he could make it that long. He was already dribbling excitement into his boxers.

    “I’m not sure it can wait,” he said.

    Dom bent, grabbed the box, and tossed the last five eggs Kiko hadn’t gotten to randomly between the trees, then straightened. He took Kiko’s hand.

    “Truck. Now,” he said, and pulled at Kiko so that he was forced to helplessly follow. When they reached the vehicle Dom opened the driver’s door and shoved Kiko in, then moved around and got in the passenger side.

    “Dom,” began Kiko, but he was leaning across now. Kiko met Dom’s lips with his own; the man’s kiss was hard, demanding. Kiko strained against the confines of his own pants, wondered how he was going to tolerate this. He pulled back somewhat. “Look, if you --”

    He gasped as Dom placed his hand directly on his stiff bulge, very nearly going off right then.

    “I can’t drive you home like this,” he hissed.

    “It’s my turn to drive,” said Dom, leaning close to Kiko’s ear. “And I just so happen to know how to drive stick.” He punctuated that with another tantalizing push against Kiko’s pants. As Kiko leaned back, trying to steady his breathing, Dom slid his hand between his pants and boxers, gripping him and causing Kiko to nearly lose it.

    “I can’t -- Dom, I really can’t last,” he said. Not after having seen Dom’s expression as he came. Not with how very nearly there he already was.

    “Good,” said Dom, and covered Kiko’s mouth with his own.

    Kiko struggled to last more than a few stokes, pressed back against the seat with Dom’s mouth against his own, his blood pounding so hard in his veins he couldn’t hear a thing. Very abruptly Dom let up pressure, disengaged his lips, turned. Kiko looked desperately at him, but his attention was focused outside the truck.

    “Dom,” he hissed.

    “It’s the person from last night,” said Dom, twisting around. Kiko gritted his teeth.

    “I don’t care,” he snapped, grabbing Dom’s wrist to help him back into the rhythm. “Leave me like this and you’re never coming home with me again.”

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This book was published on March 27, 2016.