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Top in the Class

Top in the Class
By Feral Sephrian

ISBN: 9781634864350

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GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 26,104 words
RATING: flame rating 4

What should have been a casual fling before Terry starts the first semester of his second degree suddenly gets out of hand when he discovers Kyle, the hot older man he met at a bar, is one of his professors. Terry doesn’t want either of them to get in trouble, but he can’t forget that wild night in his car. He’s willing to wait to pick up where he and Kyle left off.

But “Professor Weiman” is adamant about forgetting Terry exists, going as far as ignoring him during class.

Terry knows he has what it takes to be a top student. However, the more he tries to get back in Kyle’s good graces, the more Kyle pushes him away. They’ll have to confront a dark stain on Kyle’s past -- and a new threat to Kyle’s career -- before Kyle can let Terry be more than teacher’s pet.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    The next song had a strong bass and a semi-sexual tempo. Paul clapped Terry on the shoulder and leaned in to say, "I'll go get drinks, you stay here in the shark tank. You're bound to get at least a nibble eventually."

    Terry didn't bother arguing. He almost went with Paul to the bar, but the music was getting to him. He swayed his body in rhythm and closed his eyes, imagining someone coming up behind him and grinding against him. Even so, he jumped a little when two hands did snake their way around his torso.

    A voice in his ear growled, "Finally. I thought he'd never leave."

    This was it. This was exactly what Terry had been waiting for. His heart pounded harder than the beat from the speakers. He leaned back into the stranger's body, delighted to feel supple muscle and a light bulge pressed into his ass. The rasp of a short beard grazed his ear and the stranger's hands roamed sensually along Terry's chest and hips. Terry was so turned on he didn't even know what to say. He hummed with pleasure and reached behind him to run his fingers through the other man's hair, pushing himself even closer.

    "I knew you'd be into this," the stranger said. "The minute I saw you out here, showing off in such a tight shirt, making eyes at anyone who passed, I knew you were begging for attention."

    "Mmhmmm." Terry couldn't tell which was hotter, the smooth voice in his ear, or the growing bulge against his back. "Glad you noticed," he said.

    "I'm surprised no one else did. You were practically offering this gorgeous body on a silver platter. Your friend is an okay dancer, but he wasn't going to give you what you needed." The stranger's hand slid down to get a feel of Terry's cock. "Ooo, seems I've made quite an impression. And if you can't tell how I feel, well, I'm not sure how I can make myself more clear."

    Terry reached for his pocket. The condoms and travel packet of lube he had brought were still there. His only concern now was what his partner truly looked like. He had an image in his mind, but for all he knew this guy could be covered in zits, or had nasty teeth, or something that would kill his boner the moment he turned around. Taking a deep breath, he decided to risk it.

    To Terry's relief and arousal, the man behind him was as sexy as his voice. He was about Terry's height, but Terry still had to look up to meet his eyes. Those eyes flashed with something more than the reflection of the strobe light, and when he smiled he had a cocksure curve to his lips. The club lights also illuminated the streaks of white in his tousled hair and trimmed beard.

    This guy is halfway to being a silver fox. But hey, if this is the best I'm gonna do tonight, I am not complaining.

    "Well, well," the handsome older man said, trying to keep his voice seductive yet loud enough to be heard. "You're even more stunning up close." He stroked his beard while he surveyed Terry's face. "In case you wanted to know the name you'll be moaning soon, it's Kyle."

    And he is confident to all hell. Fucking yes, this is exactly what I wanted. Oh, God, please make him a power bottom, too. I know it's not my birthday, but c'mon. "And the name you'll be screaming is Terry," Terry replied.

    Kyle nodded in approval, his smile widening from ear to ear. "Terry. Seems I've hit the jackpot." Grabbing Terry by the front of his shorts, he leaned in and said right into his ear, "How about we finish this dance somewhere less crowded?"

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This book was published on August 19, 2017.