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The Flower Duet

The Flower Duet
By Eve Francis

ISBN: 9781634860468


20 reward points

GENRE: Lesbian Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 10,761 words
RATING: flame rating 4

Theodora "Teddie" Anderson is a business woman. She owns a sex shop and frequents a downtown Toronto hotel called The Nightingale looking for special clients to sell to from her bag of tricks and toys. When she stumbles upon a sports car convention, she believes she's hit the jackpot -- especially when she spots a gorgeous woman in a gold dress.

Margot Barrington has no interest in the family car business whatsoever. Still, when forced to come to a car convention, she relishes the fact that she gets to pick the flower arrangements. As she nurses her drink by the bar, she longs for someone to show her a good time. When she finds Teddie, she isn’t quite sure if her prayers have been answered, or if this is yet another boring business person in a sea of many.

Teddie’s toys interest Margot far more than she thinks possible, and the two women hit it off in more ways than one.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    "You sell this stuff?"

    "Yes. Does it disturb you?"

    "No," Margot said. She tried to compose herself. She was pretty sure Teddie was trying to pick her up before (the footsie and hand holding could have been innocuous), but now there was no doubt. But what if I'm just a ploy? A mook? And she's really just trying to exploit the daughter of a CEO? Margot sat up straighter and tried to put on a strong façade. Teddie's gaze was unwavering, her smile unmoving. And God, she was so pretty. Maybe I want to be played. Just a little bit ...

    “I'm surprised, though," Margot said. "I thought there were stores for this kind of thing."

    "Yes, and I own one of those. But sometimes people need to have the fun brought to them. Especially those in this room."

    "Oh? Just how many have you sold?"

    "Just one or two. I could have been selling all night, though."

    "What changed?"

    "Conversation got more interesting," Teddie said coyly. "And it could get even more interesting if you tell me what kind of toy in my bag of tricks is your favourite."

    Margot tried to swallow, but her throat was dry. "I’ve ... I've never been into that kind of thing.”

    “Not into pleasure? It's really not as complicated as some of the toys make it seem. Like this one." Teddie was about to rustle through her bag, but Margot held out a hand.

    "No, no. You can't take that out here."

    "Fine. I won't. But I can tell you about a new toy I recently received, which is shaped like a bunny. Sounds innocent, yeah? Well, I can tell you all about the things those bunny ears can do, and maybe you'll change your mind."

    As Teddie talked, Margot tried to remain cool and collected. It was true that the toy sounded innocent enough. Teddie could have been talking about engines or the newly designed Phoenix car. And who is listening, really? Margot wondered. No one ever paid attention to her at parties like this unless they were trying to get her father's trade secrets or trying to pick her up. None of those things were happening right now. It was late enough in the night that most people had retired to their tables to eat their rubber chicken dinner, drink more wine, and chat about business. Margot and Teddie may as well be alone.

    "Now, there's another toy by the same designer has a vibe that unfurls at the top. Almost like a flower, I guess." Teddie smirked and Margot's gut twitched with desire.

    Margot thought of the flower duet, an old song she'd heard when she was younger. When she was fourteen, her father had taken her to the opera for the first time, and she'd fallen in love with everything about it. Lakmé was an opera in three parts, and the flower duet had occurred in the first act when the main character and her female servant were gathering flowers by the water. The song had been so beautiful -- and the tension between the characters (or maybe even the actors playing them) so thick to Margot -- she almost didn't know what to do with herself. When she got older and watched The L Word hiding in her dorm room, and the flower duet had been mentioned, everything had felt like fate. This was the time to come out, unfurl like a small flower bud, and be who she truly was.

    Except... except no one ever seemed to appreciate her until now. Until Teddie? Maybe, Margot thought. But even if not, she definitely wanted Teddie to keep talking. She wasn't afraid -- or embarrassed -- anymore.

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This book was published on March 13, 2016.

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