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The Role of Her Lifetime

The Role of Her Lifetime
By Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk

ISBN: 9781634863278


40 reward points

GENRE: Lesbian Romance
LENGTH: 38,985 words
RATING: flame rating 1

Opera singer Marie Jacolby lands the role of her life as a young Prince Charming in a new version of Cinderella. At the audition, she meets Jackie, a woman she's had her eye on for a couple years. Jackie could be the one Marie's always searched for. When a scripted kiss seems a bit more ... real, Marie wonders if Jackie feels it, too. Then a handsome young man drops Jackie off one morning, and Marie’s heart sinks.

Did Marie read more into the kiss than she should have? Is Jackie straight?

To complicate matters, Ashley, an old flame who never wanted to settle down, is also in the cast. Ashley apologizes for how she treated Marie four years ago, and now wants to get together again.

With opening night approaching, Marie’s torn between two beautiful women, and the decision she makes could have an impact on her blossoming career.


    The little seafood restaurant Ashley took Marie to that night was dimly lit with candles all over the place. After they were seated and given menus, Marie ordered crab legs, and Ashley ordered lobster tail.

    “This place could make me homesick,” Marie whispered.

    “Yes, the crab legs remind me of the Northwest, but lobsters are from Maine.”

    “Very true,” Marie said. “I’m still partial to Northwest seafood or river fish.”

    “You’ve never been to Maine, have you?” Ashley asked.

    Marie shook her head.

    “If we ever have two days free in a row together, we should fly up there and have some lobster right off a boat. They are so delicious.”

    “Do you really think they’ll let us have days off together?” Marie asked as she sipped her wine.

    “If we tell them far enough in advance, I think they would.”

    “Let’s get the show opened first. Once it’s running and we know it will fly, I think we’ll all be a little more relaxed. When the producers are making money, they’ll probably agree to anything.”

    “We could fly up there one morning, have some food, stay overnight, and do some sightseeing the next day before we fly back. Or we can even stay over two nights and fly back before the show.”

    Marie chuckled. “One night? We’d have to stay there two nights,” she said. “If I remember correctly, once we get started, we don’t get up for two days.”

    Ashley smiled at her. “Yes, I remember that. I remember it well. We were a hot item, weren’t we? Do you ever think of it?”

    Marie was embarrassed. “I do, from time to time.”

    “Then why did we split up?” Ashley asked.

    “Because you wanted to go out with that dancer.”

    “Oh, right.” Ashley gave a little shake of her head. “It didn’t last long.”

    “You didn’t want a monogamous relationship back then either,” Marie reminded her. “You still don’t. I don’t think you ever will.”

    “Actually, as I look back, I can see a couple instances when I should have opted for the monogamy. You were one of them. I think I’ve missed out on a lot.”

    Neither said a word. They each took sips of the wine.

    “Of course, I probably wouldn’t have put as much energy into my career if I wasn’t single,” Ashley admitted.

    “I can see that.”

    Ashley sat forward tentatively. “Do you think we can ever get back together?” she asked softly.

    Marie thought for a moment. “I don’t know. We’d have to start right back at the beginning.”

    “Can we?” Ashley’s eyes bore into Marie.

    “It would take a lot of forgiveness. I’d have to think about it.”

    “Would it help if I said I’m sorry I hurt you?”

    “It would be a good start,” Marie answered, “but not right now. We’re both putting everything we have into this show. There’s no time for anything else. Maybe we can try after the show gets going.”

    They sat in silence for a moment, thinking of the possibilities. Their food arrived, and they gazed at their plates.

    “Oh, this looks good,” Marie exclaimed. “Now I really am homesick.” She picked up the shell cracker and looked for the right place to start.

    Both women were silent as they started on their meals.

    “Marie, let’s take it slow. You know, hang out a bit, go to dinner occasionally, get to know each other.”

    Marie looked up as she chewed on her dinner. “I think that might work, if we keep the sex part out of it at first. I think that’s where we went wrong.”

    “Yes, we should have gotten to know each other before we hit the sheets.”

    The silence stretched as they ate.

    “I was a fool. I didn’t take you seriously. I should have. You’re a wonderful woman, Marie. I didn’t treat you right.”

    Marie looked up in surprise.

    “Yes, I know,” Ashley admitted. “I should have thought of that four years ago.”

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This book was published on April 01, 2017.