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Looking Back

Looking Back
By Eve Francis

ISBN: 9781611527476


20 reward points

GENRE: Transgender Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 6,295 words
RATING: flame rating 4

Nina Johnson is a fan of new starts. Ever since coming out as a transgender woman, she's been used to cutting ties and burning bridges whenever people get too close or voice their concern over who she is. This has led to a lot of interesting career choices and new towns. Now, Nina believes she has finally settled in a place where she wants to stay. Living post-op as a trans woman, she's happy.

But when she goes to cut her long, red hair, she begins to look back on her life and wonder if she's made the best choices. She doesn't regret who she is, but talking to her stylist, the dark and handsome Alejandro, makes her wonder if living alone is really all it seems to be. Will Alejandro still adore Nina after he learns all her secrets, or will Nina have to pick up and start again?

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    “Your hair,” Alejandro said, holding the ends up. Nina let out a low breath as her red hair flashed back to her inside the reflection. “It’s beautiful hair. Like I said, I know many people who would like it.”

    “Thank you. I will take that as a compliment.”

    “As you should, my dear.” Alejandro placed the comb back inside his belt. “I’m afraid I’ve also been rude. It’s my job to see to your hair, but also to you. Can I get you a drink? Coffee? Water?”

    Nina considered it. Often times Anna would bring Nina flavoured water without having to ask. When she noticed that she had nothing, Nina felt her mouth go dry. She nodded.

    “Yes, water would be nice.”

    “Okay, good. After that, will you tell me your secret?”

    Nina’s eyes grew wide again. The same familiar flip-flop moved through her. “What?”

    “Your job, dear! I would like to know what you do.”

    “Oh,” Nina laughed. She bit her lip as she regarded Alejandro in the mirror. He was tall, with dark skin and eyes. The black collared shirt he wore, overtop of his dark jeans, made him look more like a man at a club than a hair stylist. Nina liked him, and though she knew she didn’t owe him anything, she smiled. “I’m an IT specialist. I help design websites. And before that, well, I just worked behind the counter at a tech store. Boring.”

    “Our pasts usually are,” Alejandro stated with a wry smile.

    Maybe, Nina thought. Maybe he does know and he doesn’t care. She shook the thought off again.

    “So websites, though,” Alejandro said, seemingly genuinely surprised. “Would I know your work?”

    “Maybe. Depends on what types of sights you visit online.”

    Alejandro winked at her. “Well, some of us need our secrets. They should hire you for this salon’s website. I think they still use Geocities. Terrible. They could use someone like you.”

    “I will keep that in mind,” Nina said.

    Alejandro gave her hair a final touch before he let out a sudden sigh. “I must get your drink and then, I swear, we will cut your hair, okay? No hiding.”

    “No hiding,” Nina said, smirking slightly.

    She listened until his footsteps dissipated as he reached the dark backroom of the hair stylist office.

    And again, Nina couldn’t help but wonder if he knew. During her almost seven year transition, she had moved twice -- both times to get away from people who had figured out her secret. First was from her family and immediate friends who knew, but couldn’t tolerate her going from Boy Scout to Pin-Up model. The other time she had moved had been to get away from a job where she had been half-out of the closet the entire time, constantly wavering over the edge until she got the final surgery. Nina was a fan of new starts in new towns, blending in where she could. But last month, while getting her hair cut at this salon, she had told Anna she was trans. It was highly likely that Anna had told some people in the shop, but Nina was never quite sure. She was always treated with the same amount of respect after, and from her years of studying body language, she was sure Anna had been cool with the information. As a hairdresser, she was sure Anna saw all types of gossip. Nothing probably fazed her. Nina was never turned away for an appointment time -- they even opened the shop late at night for her like this. Nina wasn’t sure what that had meant, but she repeated the therapist’s words in her head: you don’t owe anyone anything. She knew it to be true, even in cases like Anna.

    Nina knew that her identity was nothing to be ashamed of. She was proud, in fact, of the way in which she had managed to overcome her old boring life and changed into something far more exciting. Nina liked to pass as a woman. She thought it was easier this way, and since she had the surgery, no one would be the wiser. She had had many one night stands with men at clubs and had that be it. She preferred that way of life, really, even if she did sometimes long to be a bride. Could she get away with not telling her husband, if she ever found one?

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This book was published on April 19, 2015.