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Smoke and Dreams

Smoke and Dreams
By Rhozwyn Darius

ISBN: 9781634864015


60 reward points

GENRE: Bisexual / Gay Steampunk Erotic Romance (MMF)
LENGTH: 64,555 words
RATING: flame rating 4

The last place medium and artist's model Tally Munro wants to be is Galveston, Texas, in 1908. After the terrible hurricane devastated the island, killing thousands, ghosts assail her with their cries for help. But her fiancé, artist Crispin Reid, has asked her to join him and his new friend, businessman and inventor, Angus McClaren at the Reid summer home.

Angus is a pragmatist and dubious about the reality of spirits. But he's willing to join the couple in their spiritual venture, plus he's interested in both Tally and Crispin -- and not just as friends.

Cris is a romantic and just wants them all to get along -- really well. With the help of one of Angus's inventions, they take on the spirits of the hurricane and their feelings for one another.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    Angus set down his tweezers and pulled the monocular lens from in front of his eye. The device he'd been working on should work to measure increases and decreases in electro-magnetic energy in the immediate environment. His worktable was set in front of a set of large windows in order to take advantage of natural daylight. At night he used the admirable number of electric lights Crispin had installed in the upper room of the carriage house. Below him, he could hear the generator humming, working to keep his lights on and to charge the inevitable number of batteries the modern household required to keep any number of labor saving devices running.

    He stretched, arched his back, closed his eyes, and rolled his head in slow extension of his neck. Opening his eyes, he naturally looked out the window. His mouth fell open and his eyes widened.

    The window of the carriage house faced another set of windows on the second floor of the main house opposite. Judging from what he saw, he was looking directly into either Crispin's room or Tally's. The lights were lit there, too, and the curtains had been drawn. But they were sheer and Angus had no doubt of what he was observing.

    Crispin was naked. Very naked. And Tally was ... not. It was like every image he'd ever frigged himself to completion with. He felt the blood rush from his brain and try to inflate his cock all at once.

    Tally was wearing a tight set of leather jodhpurs and high black boots. She still had on her corset. Crispin was brushing and braiding her long dark hair as she lounged on a leather-upholstered bench, the sort of thing one found at the foot of beds. Her long legs thrust straight and crossed at the ankles. Expertly, Crispin wound the braid around her head into a coronet and pinned it in place, a dark crown.

    Angus was fairly sure what he was seeing was actually a reflection and the chair was positioned in such a way in the room so Tally and Crispin could watch themselves in a large mirror. They might not even be aware they could be seen.

    She stood up and even from a distance and at a remove, it was like watching a dark goddess rise up and command attention. Crispin dropped to his knees at the toes of her boots. Now all Angus could see was his shoulders and back and the round muscular buttocks. Angus's mouth watered.

    Tally gestured and Crispin buried his nose in the notch of her legs. He didn't move. The muscles in his back tensed. Tally grabbed a handful of hair and brutally pulled, forcing Crispin to look up at her. She spoke. Crispin answered. She spoke again. Crispin nodded.

    They were the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He wanted to be in that room with them. He would be in that room with them.

    He knew he was about to watch something decadent and unbearably intimate. If Angus were a real gentleman, he would turn and look away. Leave the room and give them back the privacy he was violating. Angus wasn't a gentleman; he was a jumped-up mechanic, a workingman who'd made good because of brains and backbone and sweat.

    He reached over to the light switch and pushed in the brass button. The other button popped out. The room went dark. It felt safer to Angus like this, more private. He could watch but not be watched. He violated their privacy while ensuring his own. He really was a cad.

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This book was published on July 01, 2017.