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Lovers and Liars [Print]

Lovers and Liars [Print]
By Paul Alan Fahey

ISBN: 9781494361976

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GENRE: Gay Historical Romance Anthology
LENGTH: 230 pages
RATING: flame rating 2

Lovers and Liars brings together Paul Alan Fahey’s wartime romance stories for the first time in one thrilling collection. Contains the stories:

Bomber's Moon: Following one’s heart can be a dangerous game, as Leslie Atwater discovers in this exciting story set during the early stages of the London Blitz. Leslie’s investigation into his lover Edward’s death takes him from Central London to a lighthouse on the English Channel. Tension mounts and, in a showdown with German spies, bombs fall, people die, and Leslie gets more than he bargains for in his search for the truth behind his lover’s untimely death.

Weep Not for the Past: In early 1941, U-boats patrol offshore and are a constant threat to British livelihood, as are the daily bombings in London. Leslie befriends an enigmatic woman who resembles his favorite actress. But when disaster strikes, Leslie, Edward, and Leslie's cousin Caroline must work together to discover the truth. Was it a tragic accident or premeditated murder?

A Manx Tale: In late summer 1941, Caroline and her new husband Cyril are honeymooning on the Isle of Man. In spite of the war raging around them, Caroline is enchanted by the small island’s history, quaint customs and superstitious beliefs. But as unexplainable events unfold, she becomes increasingly aware of sinister forces at work. Will logic and rationality prevail, or will it take a bit of magic and island whimsy to sort everything out?

A Christmas in Kent: It's December 1941. Caroline, Cyril, Edward, and Leslie are home for Christmas from their recent exploits. On the surface all seems right within Caroline’s world, yet there’s something bothering her that can’t be ignored much longer. Christmas in Kent proves to be full of surprises.

EXCERPT FROM "Weep Not for the Past"

    When they were about to leave, Evangeline took Leslie aside. “You asked me a question earlier, and now I’ll answer it. You see, I get tired of listening to all the bad news on the wireless. All the talk of U boats offshore, threatening our livelihood, and the devastating news of the daily bombings in London. I’m afraid I also get a bit ... worried and frightened. I just have to come away and be with others.”

    “I understand,” Leslie said. More than you could imagine.

    She gave him what seemed a knowing glance, and he felt immediately drawn to the warmth in her deep green eyes. She opened her handbag and pulled out a book. “It’s called Before the Fact. Have you read it?”

    “No, but I’ve heard of it.” Leslie remembered shelving the title at the Cozy Corner alongside some of the great mystery writers of the time -- Allingham, Christie, Sayers.

    “A thriller written some time ago, but still quite good, I think,” she said. “I finished it this morning. Please take it. You might enjoy it.”

    “I love to read,” Leslie said. “Used to work in a bookshop and read all the time, but I’m not really a mystery fan.”

    “You should be. We Brits love our thrillers. I think you’d like this one. Please, for me, okay? I promise I haven’t steered you wrong.”

    He hesitated and, before he could thank her for the offer, she held the book out to him. “For a rainy day then. Maybe we’ll meet again and you can give me your assessment. I don’t think I’m spoiling it for you, but it’s about a woman who’s convinced her husband’s going to kill her.”

    “And does he?”

    “Murder her? That would be telling. You’ll have to find out for yourself.”

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This book was published on July 01, 2010.