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Playing the Field: Volume 1 [Print]

Playing the Field: Volume 1 [Print]
By J.M. Snyder

ISBN: 9781456521530

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GENRE: Gay Erotic Romance Anthology
LENGTH: 178 pages
RATING: flame rating 4

Playing the Field is a series of hot, sexy stories about gay athletes finding love and lust on the playing field. This first volume collects the first four stories of this best-selling series in one sizzling paperback!

The stories in this collection are available separately as e-books, but are only available in print in this single-author paperback collection. Contains the stories: Faceoff, Play On, Served!, and Tee'd Off.

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    Cordero lives on the second floor. Sean troops up the stairs behind him, footfalls echoing off the metal risers. Between the two of them, they sound like Armageddon arriving. At the door to Cordero’s apartment, Sean takes a moment to lean against his new friend -- there are no other students around, no one to see. He presses his chest against Cordero’s back, laying his body flush along Cordero’s, and the ache at his crotch fits between Cordero’s buttocks perfectly. Smoothing his hands down Cordero’s sides, Sean leans his head on Cordero’s shoulder and sighs. “You one fine mo-fo, you know?”

    “Keep talking like that, we ain’t gonna get in the door,” Cordero chides, but Sean can hear the smile in his voice.

    Sean’s hand dips lower, grasping at the front of Cordero’s shorts. He only manages to cop a quick feel, however, before the door opens and Cordero’s leading the way into his place. All the student apartments are the same -- kitchen to the left, living room on the right, one bedroom straight ahead and a hallway leading off, probably to the bathroom and another bedroom out of sight. Sean’s been to a few parties on this side of campus so he’s familiar with the cramped corners, but compared to his dorm room, the apartment is luxurious. Not for the first time, he tells himself he has to sign up to move over here next year.

    “Want a drink?” Cordero asks, tossing his key onto the small table in the kitchen that serves as a place to eat.

    Closing the door behind him, Sean catches the back of Cordero’s shirt in one hand and reels the rookie to him. “Maybe later.” His gaze is drawn to Cordero’s large pink lips, and Sean licks his own in anticipation. “Come here. I been wanting you all blessed day.”

    Without warning, Cordero pins Sean back against the door. Hands on either side of Sean’s head, Cordero holds him in place, thrusting his hips into Sean’s until their erections grind together with a sweet ache. “You want this?” Cordero purrs.

    A throaty moan escapes Sean as he nods. The pressure on his cock feels so right. “Damn straight.”

    “Think you can handle it?” Cordero leans down to touch his mouth to Sean’s neck -- his breath is hot along Sean’s skin, and does delicious things to Sean’s libido that make Sean rub against him, wanting more. “Don’t front with me, homeboy.”

    “I ain’t fronting,” Sean swears. He leans his head back as Cordero’s nose tickles along his throat. Then Cordero sticks out his tongue, hot and damp, and licks along the curve of Sean’s chin, just under the fine line of stubble that Sean shaves away every morning. Fisting his hands in Cordero’s shirt, Sean gasps. Yes. With his tongue, Cordero traces along Sean’s jaw line to breathe in Sean’s ear. Two words, low and sexy. Two words that weaken Sean’s knees. If Cordero wasn’t holding him, he’d melt to the floor.

    “Show me.”

    The challenge in his voice thrills Sean. Before he can do anything Cordero pulls away, shrugging off his hands to move out of reach. Turning his back to Sean, Cordero shucks off his shirt -- Sean watches the firm muscles in his back flex as he pulls the shirt over his head, and notices a black tattoo on his left shoulder, some kanji character Sean doesn’t recognize. As Sean looks on, Cordero heads for the hallway, turns the corner, and is gone.

    Sean waits, his mind a blur, his whole body humming with desire. Weren’t they just ... so where’s he ... what ...?

    A black hand curves around the wall, followed by Cordero’s head as he peeks back. “Well?” he asks. “You coming?”

    Sean grabs his hard dick through his shorts and thrusts into his palm. “You even have to ask?”

    Cordero laughs. “Then get your white ass over here already.”

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This book was published on July 01, 2010.