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Omega Arrival [Print]

Omega Arrival [Print]
By Rebecca James

ISBN: 9781540582225

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GENRE: Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance (MMM)
LENGTH: 230 pages
RATING: flame rating 4

Emotions run high when five omegas are traded to the Angel Hills Pack, which has suffered a decline in population after an illness killed a fourth of its wolves.

After a previous mating Justin would rather forget, he’s happy to leave his old compound and start afresh. A part of him hopes the gorgeous second-in-command alpha, Milo, will choose him for a mate. As memories of his life with Stone haunt his dreams, Justin struggles to make the right decision for himself as well as his four pups.

Gabriel doesn’t want to mate at all, but as one of the traded omegas, he knows he doesn’t have a choice. He just hopes he’ll end up with a beta and not an alpha. How does he feel when he’s mated to both? Grey is the pack alpha of Angel Hills and he and his baron beta, Ian, want to start a family to continue the dynasty. Is that all they want Gabriel for, a breeding machine?

When an intruder is detected in the compound, everyone is on high alert, especially as the new arrival proves remarkably adept at remaining hidden. Will the newly-created mating bonds be strong enough, or will rancor and bitterness win out?

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    Gabriel wasn’t stupid; he knew the pack alpha’s interest meant Gabriel was as good as mated to him and Ian. The thought of presenting to the virile man and his sophisticated, soft-spoken beta, begging for it, made Gabriel cringe even as his traitorous cock hardened in his pants. He cursed and adjusted it as he looked for a place to hide.

    As he rounded the side of the building, Gabriel chuckled mirthlessly. Supposedly, he had a choice. Sure, he could turn down the alpha of the pack and choose one of the others, but how would people see him then? And, really, would another alpha be any better? At least Grey and Ian seemed kind and so wrapped up in one another, Grey would perhaps be less likely to want to mount Gabriel at every turn.

    Gabriel’s only alternative to mating was leaving the pack, which would mean certain death. He sighed, knowing he was stuck, and it was time he faced up to it. The best he could do was try to tamp down his urges, although once he went into heat, there’d be no stopping them. His inner omega would have him begging.

    He sat down against the cool wall of the building, facing out toward miles of moon-lit fields.

    Crickets chirped in the grass, and an owl hooted low and soft in a tree overhead. Inside the meeting house, someone began playing the violin. One of the pack members made the instruments out of various indigenous wood. They were beautiful, and their maker very talented. Gabriel leaned back and listened as the soft strains filled the night. He closed his eyes.

    The omega jolted awake when someone touched his shoulder. He tried to leap to his feet, but stumbled and fell over onto his side, wincing as a small rock dug into his hip.

    “Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” The pack alpha’s low, rich voice came out of the darkness. Gabriel blinked, making out the dominant werewolf’s large, muscled form looming over him. Instinctively, he curled into himself. He’d been stupid to come outside alone.

    “Sorry,” Grey said again and stepped back until Gabriel could breathe again. Slowly, the omega sat up. Grey held out a hand, and after a moment’s hesitation, Gabriel took it and let the pack alpha help him to stand. Immediately, Gabriel let go of Grey’s hand, his own tingling from the touch.

    “I didn’t mean to fall asleep out here,” Gabriel said. The light from the open door illuminated the pack alpha’s starkly handsome face. The sweet violin music had turned into a fast fiddle, and laughter and stomping rose from within the meeting house.

    “Are you hiding?” Grey asked, amusement tilting his mouth upward. When Gabriel looked away, the pack alpha’s voice gentled. “You’re tired. I’ll walk you home.”

    Gabriel couldn’t refuse. Saying he wasn’t tired would be an obvious lie. He nodded and fell into step beside Grey. They passed Tarz’s barn and entered the copse of trees. There the darkness was so thick, Gabriel could barely make out the features of the man beside him, but he could certainly feel the alpha there. Strength poured off Grey, making Gabriel’s knees tremble. He hated the feeling of weakness and vulnerability so much, he moved away.

    “Okay?” Grey looked at him, and as they stepped out of the shadow of the trees, the alpha’s blue eyes became visible again.

    “I’m fine.” Gabriel said.

    “I make you uncomfortable.”

    Gabriel couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him at the understatement. “Most people do,” he said truthfully.

    “Why is that?”

    Was there an answer to that question? Gabriel shrugged. They were already in front of the door of the guest house he shared with Justin. Pretty soon neither one of them would live there anymore -- they’d both be mated.

    “Thanks for walking with me,” Gabriel said, opening the door, wanting to escape.

    The hand on his arm sent chills down Gabriel’s spine, and not in an unpleasant way. He wasn’t afraid of the alpha; he was attracted to him. And that was almost as bad. Reluctantly, he turned back to face Grey.

    “Ian and I want you for a mate.”

    Gabriel was caught off guard by the sudden declaration, but he straightened his back and raised his eyes to the cool gaze of the alpha. “I know.”

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This book was published on December 31, 2016.