2021–2022 Submissions Calls (LGBTQ Romance Stories)

Opposites Attract

Deadline: December 31, 2021
      Romances involving characters who are complete opposites, but who fall in love anyway. Think people from different walks of life, different careers, even different colleges or opposing sports teams. Whatever it is that opens a gulf between them ultimately turns out to be what attracts them to each other.

Second Chances

Deadline: February 28, 2022
      Romances about finding love the second time around. Maybe your character is hurting from a recent breakup and is reluctant to jump back into the dating pool, but meets someone he/she had a crush on back in the day and is now interested in reconnecting. Or maybe your character unexpectedly gets in touch with their best friend, only to find their feelings for each other have grown into something stronger.

Love in Any Time

Deadline: April 30, 2022
      Romance stories involving time travel. These stories can be set at any time (past, present, or future), but at least one of the main characters must be a traveler from a different time. Maybe a modern cowboy finds love in the Old West, or someone gets the chance to go back in time to reconnect with a lost love, or someone from the future arrives in the present and falls in love unexpectedly. Send us your time travel tales!

Rewritten Myths

Deadline: July 31, 2022
      Romance stories rooted in mythology -- any myth, be it Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse, Native American ... give us love stories about gods and goddesses of yore! These should be queer retellings, either set in the world of the myth itself or in the present, whatever works for you!


      • These aren't anthology calls -- stories swill be released as individual ebooks with unique covers
      • Stories over 60k will also go into print
      • Payment is 50% net royalties from all channels, paid quarterly
      • Our contracts are for 2 years exclusive rights and autorenew
      • Stories must be 12,000 words or higher
      • Stories must contain a romance -- any heat level, from sweet to erotic
      • The central romance must be LGBTQ ONLY
      • Stories can be any subgenre (contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, paranormal, western, etc.)
      • Stories must have a HEA or HFN ending
      • Adult stories only (no YA)

      All stories submitted must adhere to the general guidelines found on our website. We do not consider multiple or simultaneous submissions. Reprints will be considered only if the author holds exclusive rights to republish.


      Please follow our submission guidelines located here to submit the story. Submissions over 40,000 words must include a chapter-by-chapter synopsis.

      We will acknowledge submissions within 1 day and have a response to you within 4 business days.

      If you were working on a story for one of our submission calls and did not make the deadline, feel free to still send it in when the story is done. We'd love to take a look!