Chris Cole

Chris wrote his first book in middle school, a children’s story about the alphabet. He enjoyed it so much that he began writing a science fiction story with explosions, superpowers, and romance -- then life got in the way, and he set the project down. After several years, he picked the book up again and ran with it. This book became the first novel he ever wrote: Fragments: The Revelation.

Feeling inspired and called to write, Chris began writing more and more frequently, and generating new story ideas. This includes a paranormal murder mystery, gay romance, a light fantasy series, a children’s picture book, and gay vampire erotica.

Overall, Chris’s reading tastes are as eclectic as his writing. He enjoys reading fiction as well as nonfiction work. He’s drawn to any story that makes his heart race. He continues to work on stories while contacting publishers to get published. He currently resides in Southeastern Idaho with his husband, Trent, and their dog, Chewbacca (Chewie).

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