Doug Sanford

Doug Sanford is the writing name of a current resident of Tucson, Arizona, who, after getting his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree from the University of Illinois, began his work career as an English teacher in a near-north high school in Chicago. From there, he moved out of the classroom into a writing and editing position with the Board of Education in the Department of Government Funded Programs.

After just one too many of those remarkable Chicago snowstorms, he moved to join friends in the more hospitable climate (“it’s a dry heat”) of Tucson. There he balanced a day job as a business manager in an office with a night job running a mail-order first-editions book business, neither of which brought him the enormous wealth he’d confidently anticipated when he moved to the Southwest. The advent of the internet brought an end, in different ways, to both of those positions, and he is now confronting the enemy by managing an online business which he runs from home.

He has been in a 28-year relationship with another man, and the two of them were legally married in California in 2008 during the “window” between state-sanctioned legalization and voter-imposed de-legalization as a result of Prop 8. Just to be on the safe side, the two were again married in Arizona in 2014 once the U.S. Supreme Court declared marriage equality to be the law throughout the United States, enabling them to file a joint tax return.