Faye Worthington

Faye Worthington was born and raised in Niagara. She attended Templeton University in western Pennsylvania. Her degree is in female human studies. Faye's main focus is theories of womanliness and femininity.

Her fiction has appeared in The Writer's Post Journal and other small literature venues. Her collections of poetry are Cult People, He Followed Me Home, and If You Ever Loved Me. Faye has also written three plays: Abusive, Suzanne and Margaret, and Breaking His Concentration.

Her current writing themes include maternal mortality, women against violence, and lesbian sexism. She and her domestic partner, Gwen Shore, a copper artist, live in Erie, Pennsylvania, with their three Siamese cats. Faye is currently at work on her next feminine-driven novella, Timid Girls. Welcome to Grayville is her first published piece with JMS Books.