Gordon Phillips

I have lived all my life at the intersection of the head and heart, of art and science, and while this has resulted in a life path that is something of a meander, it has also made my life both quite enjoyable and very interesting.

Academically, I have trained in several sciences and done research in them, publishing a number of scientific papers. I have also worked in various office jobs in the computer engineering field, where I found that cubicle life did not suit my temperament at all. In between these occupations I have also written articles and stories for several local and international community (LGBTQI) periodicals, co-authored a biography of a 19th Century historical figure, and published several novella-length stories in the erotic romance genres.

While all things interest me, from the physical functioning of our world and engineering control systems of all sorts, to the neurons that direct action in the brain, what particularly fascinates me is the manner in which our actions are directed by the mysterious functioning of the human heart.