Jake Harding

Jake Harding resides near a local vineyard in Erie, Pennsylvania. He was an assistant editor for four years at The Writer’s Post Journal, an arts magazine based out of Pittsburgh. Currently, he teaches English at a private lakeside college. Although he likes to read novels, he’s more interested in crafting short stories. A dozen or more of his stories have appeared in various magazines. Being single, a heavy coffee drinker, and crossword puzzle addict, Jake occasionally dates lumberjacks, mechanics, or blue collar men with husky and bearish builds. Such dates become the short stories he writes and are almost autobiographical.

When he’s not dating blue collar buddies, teaching, or writing, he enjoys canoeing, biking, and other outdoor adventures in northwestern Pennsylvania. Being an animal advocate, he donates his time at an animal shelter in downtown Erie. Jake owns three Akita dogs: Thomas Hardy, Poe, and Henry Fielding, and also has a menagerie of cats. Between trips to Pittsburgh and Erie he stays at a haunted hotel in Butler. There, he enjoys writing on his laptop, spilling out his M/M tales. Rarely, if ever, will you see him without a book of short stories at his side.