Jimmy Misfit

As a child, Jimmy Misfit wrote soap-operatic letters on motel stationery and left them for the housekeepers to read. This ended when his mother informed Jimmy that heiresses saying goodbye to their husbands forever before jetting off to South America rarely stayed at Travelodge, that they likely didn’t write in green magic marker, and that if motel housekeepers were his target audience, he needed to be much less messy so they’d have time to read.

Jimmy later attended George Washington University, which very generously awarded him a bachelor’s in American Literature. Under other aliases, Jimmy has been published in SNReview, Nuvein, Help: The Preditors and Editors Anthology, and in the anthology, Foolish Hearts (Cleis Press, 2014). Inspired by David Sedaris and Dr. Seuss, Jimmy is now an author of “ridicu-lit” fiction, and his book, The Silliest Stories Out of Bustleburg: America’s Worst City is a 2018 release from JMS Books.

Jimmy currently lives in Houston, Texas. Also, Jimmy Misfit is not his real name. You probably knew that.