She's new, she's different, and she blows through the writing world like a fresh breeze. Her style may be a bit avant garde, but I promise you, after one peek into her creative mind, you will not soon forget Jovana!

Her books are full of wicked lovers, perfect gentlemen, masters of ménage, sexy capers, werewolf love, shifters, bad boys, intriguing plots, all with characters who might make you wonder -- didn't I know him in another life?

While reading about these sexy strangers, you will meet the women who make them happy, including the prim and proper ladies who are persuaded to leave their good manners at home and surrender to these dirty devils.

Jovana writes in many genres, but is known best for her incredible ménage stories. Men with the men and women who love them rise to a burning, thrilling, and very satisfying climax.

Jovana is the kind of writer who delights in stepping out of her comfort zone to try new things. One day she looked at her computer as if it were a mountain to be conquered and said, "I can do that!" And she's been doing it ever since!

Jovana is a sucker for a good romance, and when she isn’t reading or sitting at her computer writing sexy stories, she’s dreaming of her next hero and knock-out plot.

Love her or hate her, Jovana’s kinky fantasies always start with a bang and lead you through to a twisted or surprise ending.