Katharine O'Neill

Katharine has loved writing since she was young. At the start she wrote crime, and then switched over to romance when her work gravitated in that direction. She graduated from the University of Derby in 2010 in Creative Writing and Film and TV Studies, and wrote as a hobby while she worked as a community care worker. In 2014, she left care work and became a full-time mother, turning to fully focus on her writing. Since October 2015, Katharine has been a freelance ghostwriter, focusing mainly on romantic fiction in a variety of genres.

Katharine lives in Derby with her fiancé and her two young children. When she isn’t writing, she's playing field hockey on the weekends or acting as a taxi for her children and their multiple activities. She loves to read and likes watching a lot of consumer programs.

For more information, please visit facebook.com/katharine.budd.