Matthew Scrivens

Despite life's struggles, Matthew Scrivens is an optimist. He fervently believes in the strength of the human heart -- it may get stretched out of shape and feel like it's breaking, but in truth it doesn't break ... only enlarges. He believes it is up to each of us to fill our hearts with good. He saw this in action when he had the task of working with victims and perpetrators of violent crimes. It was a difficult road, but one he felt was worth traveling.

Having lived all over the United States and France, Matthew currently resides in the amazing city of New York, where he enjoys all the city has to offer: singing in a choir, exploring the diverse neighborhoods, and cooking for friends. Someday he may even start showing restraint in the portions he cooks. After all, seven gallons of home-made jambalaya proved to be too much for his three unsuspecting dinner guests.

Matthew is continually inspired by his creative friends, the world around him, and his belief in the power of Apple -- the only windows in his home are those that let in the light. As Shakespeare so eloquently wrote, "There's a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will."