Reward Points

We now offer Reward Points on our site! You can use these points during checkout towards your next purchase.

What are Reward Points?
To reward loyal customers who purchase directly from JMS Books, Reward Points are earned on every ebook and paperback title sold on this website, with the exception of "last chance" discount and free books. Sale books DO earn points!

How are Reward Points calculated?
Reward Points are calculated on the price you pay. Each point is worth 1¢. For every 10¢ you spend, you earn 1 point.

How many Reward Points do I have?
When you log into your account, your earned points balance will be displayed in the righthand sidebar. You'll also see the total points you will earn if you purchase the items currently in your cart.

How can I spend my Reward Points?
When you place an order, the points earned will appear as "Pending" for up to 24 hours. After that time, they should appear as "Earned Points." If this doesn't happen, contact us and include the email address registered with our site.

How can I redeem my Reward Points?
When you checkout, you can enter how many Reward Points you want to use towards your purchase. You can use all or some of your points, it's up to you.

Why did I not earn Reward Points on a particular order?
Points are earned on your subtotal, not the total. They aren't earned on tax or shipping paid. Also, the number of points earned per order is based on the amount you pay and NOT the value of the items in your cart. This means if you pay for your entire order with reward points, then you will not earn any additional points.