Awakenings and French Songs

Iggy is not happy...
His mood was palpable. He was tired of the life he lived.

Sitting and drinking tea with his neighbor Ronan was soothing and healing.

Both men were so different... Ronan was warm, tender, patient and honest, Iggy was a slut, a party guy and the fun neighbor.

Ronan had eyes for Iggy from first sight but knew he didn't have a chance... what party guy wants a man with a little daughter?

Iggy had eyes for Ronan right away but knew he was no deal for a serious relationship.
Then there was a turning point... eyes were opened, ears could hear and the heart could feel.

It’s a short story but so much was happening and with so much depth... my eyes blurred more than once.. it had a lot of feelings, perception and different sides... it was thoughtful and all very charming. I loved this story hard.

Ronan and Iggy were both lovable... and then there was little miss Emery, so adorable.

This author built a whole world in just a few pages... I think that’s a gift.
The story was written in such a clear and vivid way, this whole scenery opened up before my eyes.
I swear I felt the elbow and I stood there in Ronan’s kitchen and saw it all, I even smelled the tea.

I can end by saying...

Iggy is happy!

Read and Reviewed for Diverse Reader

Truuss Vermeer de Jong, 01/12/2019
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars