Home for Christmas

*May contain spoilers* Joe & Kris' story was a fun one! From Joe not believing in love at first sight and that love can happen fast! The characters were great and the story immediately pulled you into their world. It felt so real, and relatable. I love that they both went to school together, yet never interacted! Danny really messed with Joe psychologically and that plays an important role. I was a little nervous when you brought Gavin into the picture. (He sounds hot, give him a story? Please? ) Especially after they had the "we can just be friends" talk. I was like "oh man this is going to be interesting". Part of me hoped there would be a little more between Kris and Gavin to make Joe even more jealous. Lol!! And then Danny coming back and having the balls to do what he did and say what he did! I would've decked him! But in the end, it was truly meant to be for Joe & Kris. I even love that his sister found someone! And his mom and her husband seem so happy! I will admit, a couple more dirty scenes would've been awesome, but this was more a love story. :)

Vincent Bar, 12/17/2018
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