Temple Madison

My name is Temple Madison, and I write about men, which includes manlove on occasion. Some of my men are good, others are bad. Some noble, others will scare the crap out of you. As a rule, I don’t give you the usual, I put characters together who would never find each other in real life. But why not? I’m a fiction writer, and anything goes!

My men are not wimps. These characters are restless and hot. Their eyes are bright, piercing, and unsettled. If you like the idea of men making love with each other, look for some of my manlove books, and then prepare to be captivated. If you want to read a story with intrigue, twists, and turns, topped off with handsome hunks that talk like men, act like men, and make love like real men, come on along and look for stories that are different. Stories that are hot, sultry, and steaming.

If you give me a try, you can be sure not one of my stories is a carbon copy of the other. There will always be a lot of dark, hot, exciting sex in all kinds of settings and situations, and by the most unlikely characters. The name Temple Madison might mean a lot of things to a lot of people -- but boring is not one of them.