UK MAT is the acronym for the UK Meet Acquisitions Team, a group of authors and editors who seek to promote and share some of the very best of LGBTQ fiction. In 2011 they have produced two excellent and entertaining anthologies, one of flash fiction titled British Flash, available as a free download, and one of short fiction titled Tea & Crumpet, available from JMS Books.

The members of UK MAT attend and support the UK Meet, now in its second year, providing a fun and rewarding environment for authors, readers and allies in the LGBTQ fiction community. Maybe you'll join us there some time!

UK MAT, the real people? We are Josephine Myles, Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, and J.L. Merrow. We all publish in our own right, and wholeheartedly love our genre. Please visit our websites and look at our other work, both published and free fiction.

For more information on UK MAT, please visit