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The Collection

The Collection
By Wayne Mansfield

ISBN: 9781634860314


40 reward points

GENRE: Gay Horror Erotic Romance
LENGTH: 22,489 words
RATING: flame rating 4

Carter is a teacher in London. One night he steps out into an autumnal storm and, on the way to his car, the oncoming night engulfs him and transports him to another, more sinister world.

Almost immediately he senses he isn’t alone. When he turns and sees a shadowy figure approaching, he launches himself at the stranger. He soon discovers that Paul, the handsome Australian man pinned beneath him, is in a similar state of disorientated bewilderment.

Together they begin to explore their surroundings, hoping and praying they can find a way back home. What they are about to encounter will send terror coursing through their veins.

Little do they know this is a mere taste of the nightmare to come. Will their growing feelings for each other survive what follows? Can they themselves survive?

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    “I’m not going to give up,” said Paul. “If there’s a way in there’s a way out. I don’t intend to end up as bat food.”

    They kissed for a moment and then sat down at the back of the cell. All around them were the wails of those whose bellies were rumbling from hunger, and the sounds of couples fucking. Carter wondered at the way men adapted to their situation; the way that after perhaps a single day some could fuck so freely in front of their cellmates and that those cellmates didn’t seem to care. Although, he philosophised, they might as well fuck since there was little else to do.

    Carter rested his forehead against Paul’s.

    “I’ll try to stay positive,” he said. “It’s going to be hard. At the moment I find it impossible to imagine getting out of this place.”

    Paul remained silent. Carter wondered if he too felt the same way, deep down.

    Sleep was stealth itself. It often came unexpectedly. It was the only other thing to do after the conversation had run out and the more carnal desires had been satisfied. Carter felt the pull of dreams and heeded their call willingly, but his sojourn in their world was not a long one. He was awoken by a poke in the ribs and sat up with a stiff neck.

    The creature in front of him looked every bit like the vampires that they had grown so familiar with, yet it was markedly different. First of all its well-defined body was a reddish colour; the bright red muscles highlighted by a deeper burgundy colour in the grooves between them. Even the creature’s pupils were red, radiating out into the eye ball so they looked infected, and angry. Its brow was low over its eyes and the outer edges seemed to spear up over its forehead, erupting through the flesh at the top into two ivory horns that curved back over its head. It great wings were tucked neatly behind it and where the joints met at the top there were single claws. A large cock swung between its legs barely hiding a set of low hanging balls, lightly haired and massive.

    The creature turned its back on him and strode out of the cell, its steps taken in the manner of one who had supreme confidence. As it departed two black vampires hurried into the cell, their eyes squarely on Carter.

    In a panic he grabbed hold of Paul’s arm and began to whimper, but he was no match for the vampires. As they wrenched him free of Paul he felt his stomach leap into his throat; tears filled his eyes and his legs gave way beneath his weight. The overwhelming fear caused him to vomit; the bitter bile burning as it spilled from his open mouth.

    While being led down the corridor between the cells he managed one last look at Paul, who had come to the front of the cage and was reaching out to him.

    “I’ll see you again,” Paul cried out. “I promise!”

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This book was published on March 06, 2016.