Liam Livings

Liam Livings lives with his partner and cats where east London ends and becomes nine-carat, gold highlights and fake tan west Essex. He was born in Hampshire with two club feet (look it up, it’s not nice) and problem ears, needing grommets; this meant he was in plaster from toe to groin until he was two, and had to swim with a cap and olive oil-soaked lamb’s wool over his ears -- olive oil bought from a health food shop, before it was sold by supermarkets.

He started writing when he was 14; sat in French lessons during a French exchange trip, for want of anything better to do, he wrote pen portraits about his teachers. He wrote for his school’s creative writing magazine and still writes a diary every day.

He grew up on the edge of the New Forest -- not in the New Forest mind, but on the edge. Now it’s a national park, it’s so much more glamorous. He went to uni in London and never really left.

When not writing, he also enjoys baking. He avoided any sport at secondary school by having an orthodontist appointment between the age of 14 and 16, and when he was old enough to drive, just drove home instead of playing rugby/hockey/whatever. He is a car geek, his particular passion is old French classics, and his everyday car is what is popularly referred to as a “hairdressers car,” a Mazda MX5 in powder blue named Muriel.

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